What is the best way to clean my denture?

There are a number of cleaning solutions available in local drugstores; most of these work fairly well for people. However, if you're finding these solutions inadequate and your denture is accumulating hard white plaque, there are other cleaning products available. Contact our office if you would like some assistance and we can suggest cleaning products that we have experience [...]

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My denture is loose, is this normal?

Your dentures will become loose over time. This is completely normal and expected. It's one of the big drawbacks of typical dentures and why we recommend looking at Implants as an option. Natural tooth roots are embedded in the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for your teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone that previously supported [...]

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Why are partial dentures essential?

Each tooth in the mouth plays a particular role in distributing the bite force across the jaw. When a tooth is lost, the stress on the remaining teeth increase which can lead to other teeth being overworked. This stress can cause your remaining teeth to begin to drift out of place, become damaged, and eventually lead [...]

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