Denturists try to fabricate dentures that simulate teeth; however, they are not nearly as good as real teeth. There is nothing to hold the denture in place so there is a lack of stability that dramatically reduces your bite force (10% of your natural bite). Another problem is that Dentures don’t prevent bone loss due to the lack of teeth and their roots. This leads to more instability and can be potentially painful to wear dentures. Some people do manage to achieve a balance and do quite well with dentures; but as we caution our patients; dentures are not a replacement for teeth. They are a replacement for no teeth. Denture supported implants are the most advanced dentures available. Surgical screws are implanted directly into the bone similar to how real teeth work. This provides the base for the dentures to connect with. The result is a more stable denture and this technique will also stop bone loss. With implant supported dentures you will look better, feel better, and eat better.